Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Leben in der Schwiez

When you travel across an ocean you don't know what to expect. And once you are here, you can feel yourself constantly comparing the US to Switzerland. I have noted a few of those many differences. Number one, DRYERS. They don't use them here! Everyone does the old fashion hang your clothes out to dry. To me, this seems tricky because most of the time here it rains and in the winter it would be so cold that I would think that your clothes would turn into pop sicles if you left them out to dry. So my fellow Americans, apprieciate your dryers :). Number two, if any of the European countries to something to anger America the time to attack would be in the next twenty years or so, because by then all of Europe's youth will be in the hospital dying of lung cancer. EVERYONE smokes here. Today I saw a boy that could not have been older than 13 lighting up a cig at the bus stop. Clearly Switzerland needs a new surgeon general because theirs is royaly failing at his job. Number three, everyone curses in English. I haven't been learning German for that long so I can't understand any of the conversations that are constantly going on around me. But every so often in the middle of a german sentence I will catch a good ole English curse word. I am glad to see we have made such a wonderful contribution to the world. Number four, here in Europe they do not have marshmellow cream or evaporated milk. So do NOT try to make Peanut Butter Fudge. It comes out like carmel and you will be very very embarrassed. And last but not least, their government figures don't require five trillion body guards when they come to town. And you actually get to meet them! I mentioned this awhile back, but now I have the pictures from when I met the president :)
Future diplomat???? I can see it!

This is the face of someone that has no idea what anyone is saying. In my it's like "Hmm. . .what kind of appetizer is on that waiter's tray over there?"


  1. Well, Ross made paste pants on Friends - I guess you can have some popsickle pants in Germany..

  2. Good one Savanna and I could tell you was eyeing the tray.... But you looked very Pretty!