Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Well Springfield, now that I am in school I don't get to go sight seeing everyday so sadly I have no sandcastles or indians to show you today. But the average day swiss life is great! Except you must wake up so early!!!! I catch my bus at 7:23 and my train at 7:48. Then after about an hour, I change trains at the Zurich airport. Then before I know it, german class! But there are three other exchange students on my train so it is not so bad! I like it actually, more people that I are doing the same thing as you so you have a lot in common. And learning German is great. It is neccesary, can't speak english forever. Though now when I do speak German, people often reply in english when they hear my accent. So my german school is the weirdest thing I have ever seen. it is in a mall type thing with shops and a mcdonalds and a food court and a grocery store and a restaurant. It is so crazy! It is all due to this huge corporation here called Migros. They sell everything and have a gazillion stores all over St. Gallen. And they donate 1% of their profits to "klubshule" which is the schools they have. Which is where I take my classes.  Today I met the daughter of my 2nd host family, Aline. She is so great! I have never had an older sister but I think it will work out well! Now this next part you won't believe. She took me to see her horse. I know you all think I hate animals but after this experience I totally love them! they are the only ones that don't care that my german is terrible. They still love you! So the horse was really cool, he is an American quarter horse(Olena). She is the only one that does western riding as in like american cowboys but much more glamorous! So in september the exchange students must sing a song in a parade and wave our flags. The song is hilarious and about a brown cow. What makes it even better is that since all our german is terrible we can barely pronounce the words let alone sing them! And there are native swiss instruments. That must be played. Guess who might have to play one?! Bingo, ding ding ding. We have a winner. Me. I will link a youtube video to show you. And I think I heard something about outfits???:-/ As in like what the yoddlers wear. But that is uncertain as of now! Here is the link- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXpeG_NCTzo and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bO3C0uXGWDU&feature=related


  1. You so crack me up with your posts! Ding, ding, ding.. . We have a winner! LOL! You will be the winner in your "costume" singing in the parade, playing your instrument and waving your flag. Will you send us pictures of this event plz????? :)

  2. So, I am a loser at this posting stuff! That anonymous post was me, Cindy! Let's see if I can get this one posted correctly!

  3. Hey Savvy...are you going to have to ride Olena the horse side saddle while wearing costume, waving the flag, yoddling in German & playing your bowl and marble while making spaghetti in the middle of your sandcastle??? .....lol......

  4. haha it's okay Cindy! I am not great at either. But yes pictures will be posted!!! Pictures are not in short supply here. Though I feel everytime I need to take a picture I don't have my camera. But thank you!:):)
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA GAIL! I don't think i would know what to do just on a horse let alone with all those activities. Multitasking on a horse is a major swiss no for me! But for you I could give it a shot! Might not live to return though! Then who would file your matter id papers??:P

  5. Hello Savanna!

    I enjoy alot reading your blog. I'm the husband of pandex and live with her in St.Gallen. If you want, check out my blog too...

    I keep reading you! Good job!!! :)