Thursday, August 12, 2010

So Much German!

Today has been a very long day! I woke up and watched the British news. At home I don't even watch the American news. But it is the only english channel! Then I helped Nino cook lunch. Actually all I did what cut up an onion, then cry, then set the table. But setting the table here is long process! They use lots of forks and spoons for each portion. And they change bowls and plates for each thing. It is weird to me because then you just have to wash more dishes???? After that we went into the town. I rode a bus! Like I waited at an actual bus stop and then put in coins and everything! Then I went to see the government building. I got a tour and got to go on the top of the roof. You could see everything! After that I set up a bank account. At the "Raiffeisenbank". Then I went with Nino to a swiss nursing home for a ceremony presentation. young people that like photography go there and they do things with the old folks and help out and take a photo that represents their experience. The Cozzio's oldest son that died, Raphael, his friend won and so Nino went, also with Nino's job as the social person in the government he has to go to things like that. The friend Dominic was very cute but i could not say anything. Him no english, me no german. What a waste. Haha. Then I almost fell asleep during the presentations. You think presentations in the US are boring. Try one where you can't understand anything. Boring and you get a head ache. Then After that I ate some chocolate and it was all good! We went to dinner at markus Morant's house. He is from rotary and helps me with administrative things. There I got information and money :) haha. My monthly allowance. Money here is beautiful! Pink and blue and purple. Very bright. We had dinner with him and his wife and my third host parents. I can't remember their names but they were nice! He is CEO of the bank i have my account at and she is a lawyer for that bank. The first course was a cucumber soup and it was too strong for me and Tobias and we gave each other the look from across the table as to say eww. I really felt like he was my brother right then! Of course Chat probably would have said it out loud. Other than that I can't write anymore. i am to exhausted from hearing all the German today. Oh I did see something funny in town today. I saw a construction van that the city mantience drive. But it was a mercedes benz. Who new mercedes made vans??? Also, i have never seen so many smart cars in my life. They are adorable!!! Mom I want one :)

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  1. you got to appreciate public transportation