Thursday, August 19, 2010


I have a new love. It's name is NESPRESSO. I'm not a big coffee person. But this stuff, WOW. I crave it almost as much as chocolate(keyword almost:)) The Swiss coffee machines even look cooler. There is no pot so I honestly don't even know how it works. Must be magic and that's why it tastes like heaven! But hey, what can you expect from a company whose spokesperson is George Clooney??? Enough said. Mom when you come to visit I am sending you home with a lifetime supply of NESPRESSO coffee and the machine. I will never life without it again. Yesterday I went with my host mom to get some more and it was pretty much the prettiest coffee store I have ever seen. The coffee comes in long boxes and all different colors. I took pictures. I don't care strange it must have looked. I mean, if some random person was taking pictures of the coffee aisle in the grocery store I would definitely do a double take and consider them a little bit insane. For all those who were worried I would meet a boy, fall in love, and not return. Well you should have thought more about the coffee because it is reason enough to stay :) (therefore mom you better get one!);)

You know something is great whenever it comes in a rectangle box! Ex. Jewelry, Tolblerone. . .
This is what is in the box. I must figure out how this works!

See! This was the poster in the window. George likes it, therefore everyone else should too!

Well everyone, let's take a poll. How many of you would pay $150 swiss francs(basically a big ole Benjamin and a Grant) for a chocolate bar? Think this question sounds crazy? Well what if it was this huge. . .
This is real I promise! And weighed so much! I figured it could be my Christmas present to EVERYONE in Springfield. It was the HUGE!


  1. You look so European with that scarf and your Toberlone bar - Chat would love this as a gift, but unfortunately the shipping would probably cost as much as the candy bar. So, I assume you now are addicted to coffee? or is it chocolate coffee. Hmmmm - George Clooney - yummy.

  2. Growing up in Denver my friends and I use to snag Toblerones all the was our little taste of Europe...and we loved the odd triangular shape of the chocolate inside...but now I must check out this great "Nespresso" that Savvy & George are recommending...oh..and..ah...cute couple by the way! LOL!!

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  4. I AM european! I am the only one on the train that doesn't get spoken to in english because I dress like everyone else here. Whereas other americans are having difficulties shedding the sweat shirts and tennis shoes.
    YES MOM. This coffee is so gooddddddd!!!! We must get it.
    Aww gail! I think he is a bit old for me but maybe he has a grandson. That would be nice. Then he could probably get me free Nespresso. But yes do try it!!!! And that gift would be perfection for a welcome present. Welcome back to the states, here is your european coffee!