Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Leben in der Schwiez

When you travel across an ocean you don't know what to expect. And once you are here, you can feel yourself constantly comparing the US to Switzerland. I have noted a few of those many differences. Number one, DRYERS. They don't use them here! Everyone does the old fashion hang your clothes out to dry. To me, this seems tricky because most of the time here it rains and in the winter it would be so cold that I would think that your clothes would turn into pop sicles if you left them out to dry. So my fellow Americans, apprieciate your dryers :). Number two, if any of the European countries to something to anger America the time to attack would be in the next twenty years or so, because by then all of Europe's youth will be in the hospital dying of lung cancer. EVERYONE smokes here. Today I saw a boy that could not have been older than 13 lighting up a cig at the bus stop. Clearly Switzerland needs a new surgeon general because theirs is royaly failing at his job. Number three, everyone curses in English. I haven't been learning German for that long so I can't understand any of the conversations that are constantly going on around me. But every so often in the middle of a german sentence I will catch a good ole English curse word. I am glad to see we have made such a wonderful contribution to the world. Number four, here in Europe they do not have marshmellow cream or evaporated milk. So do NOT try to make Peanut Butter Fudge. It comes out like carmel and you will be very very embarrassed. And last but not least, their government figures don't require five trillion body guards when they come to town. And you actually get to meet them! I mentioned this awhile back, but now I have the pictures from when I met the president :)
Future diplomat???? I can see it!

This is the face of someone that has no idea what anyone is saying. In my it's like "Hmm. . .what kind of appetizer is on that waiter's tray over there?"

Sunday, August 29, 2010


For everyone that remembers me as the girl that didn't like to be outside unless it was by the pool, prepare to be amazed. Because I Savanna Alyse Myers spent all day today hiking. For fun.And by choice. Don't believe me? Yeah I wouldn't either. Therefore I have pictures to prove it. So we woke up at the crack of dawn(7o'clock actually) and headed out to start early. Not sure what good starting early did though, it was colder in the afternoon than the morning. For the first hour in rained. I'm thinking of it as my swimming for the day. We climbed up huge mountains! The largest I have ever seen. And I only fell a few times:) Quite the accomplishment to leave the mountains without needing stitches I think. On the way down someone Nino knows was going up and they were talking ya da ya da and then he asked me if I was from Russia???? Do I look Russian???? ApparentlyI sound Russian when i speak German. I thought it was pretty funny. Now, so that you allwill believe that I spent five hours climbing up rocks today, here is the proof :)

leaf in the mountains that makes tea!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


"Hey Savanna, wanna go to Lucerne after class tomorrow?" -Wes. . .Me- "Um, yeah!!!!"
If we were in the US this would be like me asking my lab partner to take a joy ride to New York for the afternoon. Great thing about Switzerland, you can actually do it and be home by 9 o' clock. Gotta love small countries. Lucerne was so pretty! Only down side was that it was packed full of tourists. After living here for two weeks it feels strange to refer to other people as tourist and not myself. But I'm not technically! My name is on a piece of scotch tape on the mail box. But here they are actually mail BOXes. Not the awkwardly shaped half of an oval things that we have. And these would be much harder for someone to destroy with a baseball bat. So without further due, I present a tour of Lucerne:)

This is the first thing I saw when I got off the train. I don't know what is or what it is for but it is cool! And believe it or not this isn't the meeting place of the train station. The meeting place is on the very bottom floor by a grocery store. Not sure what the Swiss were thinking there.

This bridge is what Lucerne is known for.

There are swans everywhere around the bridge! They aren't even skiddish. I saw one lady petting one.

Wes and I wanted good ole fashioned chocolate chip cookies. This country doesn't believe in cookies. Though they do believe in hamburger shaped desserts. They are really famous and way over priced. Bite size too if you can't tell. They aren't like a big mac or anything.

They come in all kinds of flavors!!!! I had chocolate mango. Great combination!

I love this picture because a year ago I saw Jessica(the girl who went fromMO to switzerland last year) post a picture of herself in front on this same bridge. And now I'm actually here. It's pretty mind boggling.

Me and Wes, from Reno, Nevada

Mark Twain wrote about this in a book or something saying it was saddest rock in the world. It is in memorial of the swiss guards that died defending the king in the French Revolution. While I was there I was thinking awesome, fellow Missourian. But then I wasn't quite sure he is Missourian. But I certainly hope so or else I lied to lots of people.

I hope you liked Lucerne(Luzern in german). I know I did!