Friday, August 13, 2010

Freittag 13!

Nothing of consequence happened even though it was the tirthteen thankfully! Today I went to the grocery store and it was very interesting. In order to get a cart, you must insert a dollar. then the cart is unlocked from the other carts. And when you bring the cart back you lock it into the other carts and you get your dollar back. I was trying to figure out the purpose of this because if you were to steal the cart you would still have your dollar coin. It would be in the insert spot on the cart. So can't exactly figure that one out. ANy ideas??? Then when we checked out you have to bag your own groceries! That is hard labour! haha. I had no idea how to do it either. i felt like I was smashing everything. And I wanted to protect the chocolate. Their chocolate section takes up a whole side of an aisle. Of course their aisles are smaller than ours. But still so much beautiful chocolate! Then tonight was St. Gallen fest. It lasts three days. There are lots of stands for food and drinks all down the streets and music. But to me it just looked like a very big celebration to drink beer. Espcially since the mayor started it off by opening a keg. He was a very small man too and a very big keg so it took awhile. Haha. I have some pictures from the festival. And yes I promise, I AM in Switzerland!
Trudy, Me, Tobias, ANd Nino

Yes that is an indian. I was confused too. So was Tobias.

Mom I promise I didnt run away to China.


  1. Glad to finally see a picture of you. I agree, the Indian does not really fit, but I dont' think the dragon does either. Crazy Swiss!

  2. Hey kiddo - I am thinking with the Indian, etc. you are probably at a Village People concert somewhere. Show them how to dance to Y.M.C.A. - they'll love it! Looks like you're having a great time. BTW, where did you think cow bells came from? It's now a Swiss thing - a lot of dairy cows in the US wear bells. Geez, city girl!

  3. Mom you read my mind!
    Chalotte idk what I was thinking! I had never seen a cow actually wearing a bell. Just cartoon pictures!