Sunday, August 15, 2010

My First Swiss Sunday!

Today we went to the lake. Lake Constance. You might remember it from my poster. From one spot where I stood. I could see Germany to my left. Austria right in front. Switzerland to the right. And liechenstien in the distance. You can't even see that many states from somewhere in Missouri! Anyways, at Lake Constance we went to a sandcastle contest festival thing. They were amazing! So much detail. Someone from the US got 2nd place(who-hoo USA!). And they were so much detail. I have no idea how they stayed so perfect either because it rains all the time! Also, I have no idea how they got all that sand there. I know I haven't been in Switzerland for very long. But, I have yet to see a beach with surplus sand. Here are the pictures!

Everyone, I found Big Foot.

I don't even know what this is.

I thought this was the coolest one. In person it was ridiculously detailed. Just like real hands.

This is a swimming house from way back when women and men had to swim  on different days and wear things that fully covered them. And yes there were people swimming. Crazy Swiss.
If you look closely someone is swimming. And I have no idea how they got that far out there without turning into an ice cube.

Tonight we had spaghetti for dinner. I helped make the sauce. It takes two days to make. And it doesn't come out of a can! Who knew?:P All it was was peppers, tomatoes, onion, garlic, a dsah of wine and this and that and some herbs from the garden. You heat it up then let it sit and repeat this over two days. And let me tell you, all that work was totally worth it! I will be so good at italian cooking by the time I get back Zio's will be reqruiting me! Now, I want to cook them something. Something American that they don't have here. Yet all I seem to come up with are different varieties of cookies. Obviously I eat way to much dessert at home and not enough real food. So any ideas let me know!
See! Totally ready to run Zio's kitchen!
So amazing! And I learned to eat it with a spoon and fork. I felt so Swiss! Apparently the Italians don't do that. And Americans should start!


  1. Looks like you are having lots of fun in Switzerland. I am loving all the pictures and posts! Keep 'em coming!

  2. Cook them a handburger or hot dog....or cashew chicken!

  3. Thanks Cindy! I will! Umm sarah a few things. A) i think it is HAMburger. But maybe I have forgotten my english. :) B) They have hot dogs here. And the meat inside them isn't questionable. And I don't think a hot dog counts as cooking :P. C) Can you really picture me knowing how to make cashew chicken?>????? haha love u!

  4. Why don't you make them bisquits and gravy for breakfast - I know I have taught you that.

  5. savanna it's me annabelle I love your blog.I only read the first part and it was amazing I want to start my own.The sand sculpters where relly cool.My favorite one was the big hands and the roobix cube.I hope you are having a good time in switzerland love you and miss you. sincerly,

  6. Hey Savanna, first time I read your blog and I found very funny some comments about the swiss life, I thought the same when I came for the first time. I live in St Gallen since 2 years :P , I invite u to check my blog :P

    I suscribe and keep on posting :)

  7. Hey annabelle!!!! That is so sweet! Yes I liked the rubic cube one to! The detail on it was insane. I love and miss you too! Give Izzie a kiss for me! And good luck with school next week :)

    Pandex thank you! I enjoy posting. Plus it's great for everyone back home. I will!