Wednesday, August 11, 2010

St. Gallen

This morning I went swimming! I didn't even think I would need a swim suit. But second day, swimming. It was a little pond/lake in the city. And it was freezing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Colder than the when the water is on cold in the shower. But they think it feels "very nice" Haha. It was very interesting. Then we went on a tour of the city. At one point Nino was talking about the baroque style of a church. I thought he kept saying "Barack" and was talking about Obama. Very confusing! But no Obama did not build a church in St. Gallen as I soon discovered. I also saw my future school. And the buses I will take to get there. I will post pictures because words can't describe how adorable this place is.

all the cows here wear bells!


  1. Savanna, it looks splendid there! I'm so glad you made it safe. I can't to see more. Alicia

  2. I meant to say, I can't wait to see more. :-)

  3. Thanks Alicia! Yes haha! I understood though. I've goten good at understanding the incorrect and broken english. I even speak it in my head accidently! But yes more to come!

  4. It looks so neat! I like the cows....