Monday, September 27, 2010


In Switzeland you don't get three months off for summer break. Instead you have a month off every now and then. Currently I am on "herbtsferein" or fall break. And oh how I needed it, a whole TWO weeks in school. . .what a killer :). Over break I am going biking in the Tessin (southern Switzerland), Bern with rotary next weekend, and PARIS!!!!:D. But this is what I have done so far. . .
Trudy and I at the Opera!

The Opera was scary and I couldn't understand a thing but I didn't care because I felt so unbelievably European just sitting there

This is apparently art. And it's worth millions of dollars. I thought it was leftover construction tools from a remodel.
Swiss cove where the boat comes in.

This ferry also carries cars. When it was unloading the cars just kept coming and coming and coming, I was questioning where they keep all of them! Then the last on comes out pulling another HUGE boat. I was honestly wondering why the thing hadn't sunk yet.

Ride over to Germany

This is the plane balloon thing that was invented in this German town I went to. There was a museum there for it. It is also the thing the blew up in New York before WWII, the "hindenburg"

So we say everything is bigger in Texas, but apparently when it comes to flower pots Germany has got us beat.

You know you're in Europe when this is the most common type of transportation :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Let's take a ride up to the "Santis" shall we?

You can hike up this mountain. . .but modern technology is the way to go:)
You can't even see the top of the mountain from the bottom!
Lift off!!!!

It's like the Swiss version of a roller coaster.

yeah hike up that. hence the beauty of modern technology.
almost there. . .
And this is why people say Switzerland is the most beautiful country in the world.
Now at this part I felt like I was at a space station. Especially when you look up. . .
But sadly it does not shoot into space. Only something for tv
People used to live in that house and record the weather and everything. In the 20's the couple that lived there were murdered and they never found out why, creepy I thought.
Believe it or not I am actually starting to like the cheese. Goodbye Kraft singles :(
Snow in September. . .from LAST year.
Thank you for riding up the Santis. Please exit carefully and that will be fifty franks :)
On your way out don't forget to stop at the cheese factory!


Your dog toy was a hit!!! Ciara absolutely loves it. We've already had to change the water bottle twice! And the cookies were pretty good in my opinion =) Now I can officially say that I have eaten a dog treat. Definitely something to cross off the bucket list. I just don't have to admit that they were made for that exact purpose;) Thanks again! Here are some pictures of us playing with toy. I was trying to get her to pose with me but it did not happen as you will see.

Friday, September 17, 2010

My first week in Swiss Schule!(school)

There are a lot of things that I think America should copy Switzerland on. . .the chocolate definitely, the bus system is better for the environment, and all the architecture is way better here. But there is one thing that America does better. And that is school! It might be an exaggeration to say that the school I am at is like I died and went to hell, but in many ways that is exactly how I feel when i am there. The teachers are not friendly. They act like your presence is extremely annoying, they didn't even know you were joining their class, and they pretend that you aren't even there. Today in Chemistry there weren't enough chairs so I ended up sitting in the corner on the floor. The teacher didn't even offer to get me a chair. I also feel like I am NEVER in school. You have two plus hours for lunch. The classes only last forty five minutes or so then you have a fifteen minute break at least. Often during the day I have an hour in between classes to do nothing. And when I am in class I can't understand anything so I sit there in hysterical boredom. I don't see how the Swiss kids learn anything in this school structure. It's too relaxed. The good thing about school has been my class though. You are with the same group of people all day. Together you change rooms for different subjects but it's the same people. Through the week I made note of what occurred. 1. The teachers can't say my name! the "van" sound just doesn't work with a German accent! With my German teachers(which is like what English is in our school) we spent at least five minutes trying to pronounce my name then another five minutes trying to say Missouri. Then my geography teacher asked me where I lived in the US. I said Missouri then he asked me if I was from New Orleans? Umm not quite!! But every time I say I am from Springfield everyone gets really excited because of The Simpsons. Which is nice for me=) I don't mention that almost every state has a Springfield or that The Simpsons isn't from just one place. 2. When the teacher is absent you don't have to go to class. NO substitutes! How weird is that??? It's a total waste of time too in my opinion. 3. The first question I was asked by my classmates "So, you're American. Do you like to party?" I am starting to believe people base way to much about America from American Pie and Gossip Girl. 4. Everyone I have met tells me that I look like Miley Cyrus!!! Idk if it's the hair or the lips or the fact that we are both American but here I am known as the look alike ex Hannah Montana. This worked in my favor tonight though. All the girls have been so great and they invited me to go out with them tonight. We were at the 'kugl" and we had a clever scheme. How do you get free red bulls? Well you send Savanna up to some Swiss guy and she says " Hi! I'm from the US and I can't speak German at all. But I am so thirsty! And I can't order or read the menu ( look sad and bat your eyelashes) Do you think you could buy me a drink??" And wallah! A few Swiss guys later and everyone has a free drink. Ahh the beauty of being an exchange student. That's all for now :) Oh. . .p.s. to all Glendale students! My chemistry teacher looks JUST like Mr. Yonke! It's totally creepy! I'm starting to believe all science teachers have a secret code book that tells them they must wear the same style shirts. . . Oh and go Glendale tonight! Beat the poo!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

My Hiking Adventure!

I love Nino's sweat band. So retro MJ! Haha just kidding, but if you knew Nino you would understand!
My favorite part of the hike! When the food comes out =)
Every good hiker sometimes needs a rest!. . .or two. . .or four. . .
Hotel in the mountains. Might not be as done up as lets say a Best Western but after a long day of hiking I was just thankful we weren't sleeping outside! And the best part? The rooms didn't have tv's or modern conviences like that so you know what you did for fun? You went downstairs to the restaurant and spent three hours at dinner with your family. And I loved it!:) Way better than tv. And I don't think even the Ritz Carlton can beat this view. . .
As mastercard would say, priceless<3

We came across a sheep or a lamb or whatever this animal is. . .
unknown animal runs away!
Tried to pet a donkey which proceeded in also running away. But only from me. Must be biased to an english speaker because we use "ass" in a hurtful way.
I would like to point out that even in hiking I managed to color cordinate :) I was very proud.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Last Week of Freedom!

On Monday I begin real Swiss school. No more picnics by Lake Zurich after class or crazy adventures with the other exchangies at the zoo. But hey I am here to be Swiss and oh man do the Swiss go to school. They take everything too! I had to pick a focus. I picked Spanish. Random I know. In Switzerland learning Spanish. My class list goes as followed- Biology, Pyhsics, Chemistry, Spanish, English, German, Gym (ugh!), Geography, Math, Religion, Study Hall, and two other classes that I have no clue what they mean in English. And I have to be at school at 7:30, some days I have three hours for lunch, some days I have an hour, on tuesdays I have the afternoon off, but most days i finish at around 4 o'clock. But each day is different. I have no idea how I am going to memorize this! On the first day they wanted me to be there at 7:15. When they said this I thought they were kidding, so I laughed and said oh very funny. When do I really need to be here? Yeah they weren't kidding! After staring at them as if they had just told me the world was ending they said something in German and then I was instructed to arrive at 9:15 because it was my first day=). Ahhh the beauty of being an exchange student! For everyone that went to Strafford high school you will remember Klaus Decking. I spent last night with him and his family in Zurich. The kids are as hyper as ever! And Muriel just as sweet. Klaus and i swapped exchange stories. And I am still having a hard time picturing anyone in the Myers family owning a cow! Especially Gpa! He doesn't even like dogs in the house. As for pictures this week I have the exchange students at the Zoo! Best Zoo I've ever been to! And the Decking family. As for this weekend I am going hiking! Overnight I believe. I feel like I should be being taped for a special feature on survivor. There is a very good chance I will have to sleep outside in a tent. And since I am with Europeans I highly doubt they will bring a change of clues. More to come on the adventure of me attempting to become an outdoorswoman!
I love fish! Mom welcome back gift should be a fish since I couldn't have one for my birthday last year.

measured the Eel's electricity! So high-tech Switzerland

This animal was actually pretty scary in person! I hope the only time I ever have to encountour it is when it comes in my sushi roll.

Tighe was so excited when he got to see the penguins. He has been trying to get us all to go with him to the Zoo for the past month. Canadians and penguins.

I almost picked Ecudor for this year because I wanted to see the Galapagos Islands. And yet here I am in Switzerland and they have a turtle. . from the galapagos islands!

An ardvark. PBS so lied. Arthur does not look like this.