Monday, September 13, 2010

My Hiking Adventure!

I love Nino's sweat band. So retro MJ! Haha just kidding, but if you knew Nino you would understand!
My favorite part of the hike! When the food comes out =)
Every good hiker sometimes needs a rest!. . .or two. . .or four. . .
Hotel in the mountains. Might not be as done up as lets say a Best Western but after a long day of hiking I was just thankful we weren't sleeping outside! And the best part? The rooms didn't have tv's or modern conviences like that so you know what you did for fun? You went downstairs to the restaurant and spent three hours at dinner with your family. And I loved it!:) Way better than tv. And I don't think even the Ritz Carlton can beat this view. . .
As mastercard would say, priceless<3

We came across a sheep or a lamb or whatever this animal is. . .
unknown animal runs away!
Tried to pet a donkey which proceeded in also running away. But only from me. Must be biased to an english speaker because we use "ass" in a hurtful way.
I would like to point out that even in hiking I managed to color cordinate :) I was very proud.


  1.'re lucky your ass ran away...I never can seem to get rid of any of"unknown animal runs away"...LOL!!!!! You're a scream!
    G :oD

  2. Does that donkey have a bell on like the cows do?? Why can't they keep track of their herds?