Sunday, September 5, 2010

A weekend in pictures:)

My friend Lauren, she's like my big sis!
Everyone in German Course =)
GERMAN IS SO MUCH FUN! not. . . haha
Have barely had to take the stairs since I got here=) The ginormous hill walking home makes up for it though!
Our Argentinian tour guide in Switzerland??? What??? Just kidding, Robbie isn't our tour guide, but he is from Argentina.
Lauren's 18th! So glad her host mom is from Ohio and therefore makes American chocolate cake. You have to go to Germany to get the icing though! Crazy stuff!
Just like hanging out at home, except way more conversations about politics and we had about three different lanuages going around.
Canadians at the flag parade! They are insane! There is a book that talks all about why Canada is better than the US and after reading it I am convinced that I must move there. They invented the chocolate bar and have Matthew Perry!
One great night in der Schweiz <3
Bars on trains are not to hold on to and keep your balance. They are to swing on like a monkey. Way more fun!

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  1. OH CANADA!! I sing their praises at the store all the dog & cat food made by Champion Pet Foods in Alberta...once they hire me for selling the most Orijen & Acana food I'll have you come stay with me and start tutoring you in hockey & French...until then keep a lid on in the cold...and don't eat too much chocolate and loose your chiclets....obviously know way more about hockey than LOVE both..until later my little Puck Bunny..
    G :0D