Monday, September 27, 2010


In Switzeland you don't get three months off for summer break. Instead you have a month off every now and then. Currently I am on "herbtsferein" or fall break. And oh how I needed it, a whole TWO weeks in school. . .what a killer :). Over break I am going biking in the Tessin (southern Switzerland), Bern with rotary next weekend, and PARIS!!!!:D. But this is what I have done so far. . .
Trudy and I at the Opera!

The Opera was scary and I couldn't understand a thing but I didn't care because I felt so unbelievably European just sitting there

This is apparently art. And it's worth millions of dollars. I thought it was leftover construction tools from a remodel.
Swiss cove where the boat comes in.

This ferry also carries cars. When it was unloading the cars just kept coming and coming and coming, I was questioning where they keep all of them! Then the last on comes out pulling another HUGE boat. I was honestly wondering why the thing hadn't sunk yet.

Ride over to Germany

This is the plane balloon thing that was invented in this German town I went to. There was a museum there for it. It is also the thing the blew up in New York before WWII, the "hindenburg"

So we say everything is bigger in Texas, but apparently when it comes to flower pots Germany has got us beat.

You know you're in Europe when this is the most common type of transportation :)


  1. Yeah for a new post & new pictures too! Beautiful pictures once again! And your smile is beautiful, too!

  2. Thank you Cindy! You are so sweet :) Yup smiling just like you told me too :D

  3. The plane balloon thing. lol.....Savanna you crack me up! ~Alicia

  4. Hey Savanna! Your mom told me to check out your blog. It makes me want to go to Switzerland :) Anyway, hope your having fun! Bye :)

  5. Haha Alicia chat claims that it is a blimp but I'm not quite so sure. And katie thanks!!:) I am, it's been great!

  6. Yes, Savanna, give your brother some credit, it is a blimp.