Friday, October 1, 2010


People say you never forget how to ride a bike. After the past few days I am thankful to say that is true! When my host family told me we were going biking for a few days I was honestly worried that I would get on the bike and immediately fall over. But that didn't happen. Instead I spent three days peddling through the gorgeous southern coast of Switzerland and parts of Italy. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had in my life. You feel so free cruising down a Swiss mountain, wind in your. . .helmet?. . . not a care in the world. It was truly a dream come true :) I could stand in one spot and see the snow capped mountains, the Italian buildings, cobblestone streets, sun glimmering off the Lake. And in my head I was going "Am I really here?! Someone seriously pinch me!" I wish I had more pictures to show you. Some of my favorite things I saw I wasn't able to photograph because well I told you that I didn't immediately fall off the bike but I was definitely not coordinated enough to photograph and pedal at the same time. And I promised mother that no trips to a European hospital would occur. Not exactly something high on my sight-seeing list. But these places were and I am happy to be the one to present them to you. So without further or due, drum roll please, dum dum dum, I give you Southern Switzerland/Italy.
We took a lift up the mountain and bike down it. Makes the experience much more enjoyable :) Think my host family is catching on to the fact that I have never done this much physical activity outdoors before?
The view was incredible. there were even more mountains in the back, but the snowy tops blended right in with the clouds. 

I was checking the water to see if it would be a good time for a swim. The answer was a definite no. 
Most adorable little town:)

Houses built in the stone. Not sure they would pass an insurance inspection these days.
Morcote :)
Italian Streets. Can you imagine looking out your window and seeing into your neighbors house? Talk about no personal bubble.

Welcome to Italy. Where the customers arrive before the employees.

This is Swiss Miniature. A little outdoor museum where they have models of all the famous things in Switzerland. I know what you are wondering, but no their favorite American is not in here yet :) Don't be disappointed though, we're discussing me as the new edition for 2011 

The only thing in English in the entire place is the start sign. No brochere, no info packet. But the start sign of course. ????

The miniatures were cool and all...but I have to say things got better when the army showed up :) Then again I am rather concerned for my safety that this is what they do at training camp.
And last but not least, Lugano.

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