Monday, October 11, 2010

Olma Festival

Every year St. Gallen has a huge expedition called Olma. They have a parade, animals, performances, displays. The closest thing I can compare it to is our fair. Though over here they focus more on culture and less on how many rides can make you hurl up your chili cheese dog. Being that my host dad is in the government I got a VIP view of Olma. I even got to be in the parade in the end! And here it is. . .
The morning starts off with everyone greeting one another in conference room with drinks and snacks before you all together walk to where the government people sit.

Pres of Switzerland secret service. Two questions. Why are there only two of you? And where is the president?

Haha. I love this. 

As you can see it was way more than just a Swiss parade. It was full of ethnic diversity.

Swiss national sport. Um. Ew. 

Half way through the day we had a big lunch. Three courses. The whole shabang. I felt pretty special:)

My favorite part because this country is SO COLD!

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  1. Oh my!! Those hats are as tall as the men! Crazy!And did you want to just take that lil' pig home with you?? Adorable!