Friday, October 8, 2010

Bern&Geneva in Pictures

Weekend with ROTEX in Bern!

Where we slept. It's like camping Swiss style.

We picnic here ALL the time.

I LOVE THE COOKIE FACTORY. Better samples than even Sams Club

Geneva. . .

The Famous Flower Clock

Amanda & I - Fellow St. Gallers

You're only in Switzerland once right? Well once under the circumstances of 12 exchange students all addicted to Swiss Chocolate. We bought the $100 franc Toblerone! :D Talk about some epic chocolate.

United Nations

I found it ironic how right outside the UN there is a chair with a broken leg? Not very reassuring in my opinion

I have now been to Zurich, Luzern, Lugano, Bern, and Geneva. Hit up Basel and I will have conquered all of Switzerlands major cities :) Not to bad for less than two months I'd say =)


  1. We are so glad you are having a great time! Keep blogging so we can keep up with you , we look every day its all most like we are there !!!WE LOVE YOU...... G-pa and G-ma

  2. Thanks gma and gpa!!!!! I definitely will don't worry. I hope all is well and I miss you both sooooo much! I love you <3