Sunday, September 19, 2010


Your dog toy was a hit!!! Ciara absolutely loves it. We've already had to change the water bottle twice! And the cookies were pretty good in my opinion =) Now I can officially say that I have eaten a dog treat. Definitely something to cross off the bucket list. I just don't have to admit that they were made for that exact purpose;) Thanks again! Here are some pictures of us playing with toy. I was trying to get her to pose with me but it did not happen as you will see.

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  1. I'm so glad you 2 enjoyed them!! I'll send you & Ciara a different flavor next weren't specifically made for you & your dog to share..I just told you that to get you to eat them...LOL!!!! They are human grade however..and probably healthier and better tasting than most cookies we normally eat. I actually think the dogs get to eat very few of them once owners have tasted of which how did the Chocolate Chip Cookie affair go? :oD