Friday, September 10, 2010

Last Week of Freedom!

On Monday I begin real Swiss school. No more picnics by Lake Zurich after class or crazy adventures with the other exchangies at the zoo. But hey I am here to be Swiss and oh man do the Swiss go to school. They take everything too! I had to pick a focus. I picked Spanish. Random I know. In Switzerland learning Spanish. My class list goes as followed- Biology, Pyhsics, Chemistry, Spanish, English, German, Gym (ugh!), Geography, Math, Religion, Study Hall, and two other classes that I have no clue what they mean in English. And I have to be at school at 7:30, some days I have three hours for lunch, some days I have an hour, on tuesdays I have the afternoon off, but most days i finish at around 4 o'clock. But each day is different. I have no idea how I am going to memorize this! On the first day they wanted me to be there at 7:15. When they said this I thought they were kidding, so I laughed and said oh very funny. When do I really need to be here? Yeah they weren't kidding! After staring at them as if they had just told me the world was ending they said something in German and then I was instructed to arrive at 9:15 because it was my first day=). Ahhh the beauty of being an exchange student! For everyone that went to Strafford high school you will remember Klaus Decking. I spent last night with him and his family in Zurich. The kids are as hyper as ever! And Muriel just as sweet. Klaus and i swapped exchange stories. And I am still having a hard time picturing anyone in the Myers family owning a cow! Especially Gpa! He doesn't even like dogs in the house. As for pictures this week I have the exchange students at the Zoo! Best Zoo I've ever been to! And the Decking family. As for this weekend I am going hiking! Overnight I believe. I feel like I should be being taped for a special feature on survivor. There is a very good chance I will have to sleep outside in a tent. And since I am with Europeans I highly doubt they will bring a change of clues. More to come on the adventure of me attempting to become an outdoorswoman!
I love fish! Mom welcome back gift should be a fish since I couldn't have one for my birthday last year.

measured the Eel's electricity! So high-tech Switzerland

This animal was actually pretty scary in person! I hope the only time I ever have to encountour it is when it comes in my sushi roll.

Tighe was so excited when he got to see the penguins. He has been trying to get us all to go with him to the Zoo for the past month. Canadians and penguins.

I almost picked Ecudor for this year because I wanted to see the Galapagos Islands. And yet here I am in Switzerland and they have a turtle. . from the galapagos islands!

An ardvark. PBS so lied. Arthur does not look like this.


  1. The 2 turtles (Ted & Fred) I had as a child are living at the Denver Zoo....wonder who this big guy belonged to once upon a time? And that Aardvark looks like someone I dated once upon a time..but his name wasn't

    p.s. Clues on clothes???? the clue is no extra in

  2. We're so gad you had great week-end with Klaus and family !!!! Hand in there ... only YOU can do it.............. ALL OUR LOVE