Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Zurich with the Oldies!

Students that live in the Southern hemisphere exchange January to January because of the schedule of their school systems. These exchange students are known as "the oldies". And we are called "the newbies". The oldies are mostly from Australia. Their accents are so much fun! I could just sit there and listen to them talk all day. And they can get away with using phrases and words that an american could never say. If I were to say "let's roll" or "i reckon" that much people would I was a dork. But when they say it, it sounds well beachy! Believe it or not I am known as the Southern bell! Compared to the other Americans I am the farthest south. And I used y'all like once so now they never let me forget it! Like today for example, we were all at the park and one of the aussies said "So, are there any rednecks in the group?" And everyone goes "Yeah! Where's Savanna???????!!!!! Say y'all for them. Please!!!!" They also claim that I play the bango and wake up to a rooster call every morning. I love exchange students! The weather was really great today so you could see the Alps, snow capped and all. It was so gorgeous!
Lake Zurich

Andrew, from Canada, me, Lauren from Canada, and Wes from Nevada

Only in Europe. . .


  1. or MIAMI BEACH! No Wait....shorts wouldn't be that long....LOL!!!

  2. "I reckon " Your g-ma says that all the time so that means I would really fit in there..

  3. Haha gail! Yeah might be too much coverage to pass in Miami. this was at the top of a mountain next to a nice restaurant so i was just a little ataken back. I was like no way! never in springfield mo would i see this. Awww gma yes you would be perfect!:)

  4. he i used the "oldies"system