Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Day!

Currently I am sitting on the Cozzios couch eating the most amazing chocolate and watching the only english channel- British News. Tobias got me all set up and made me a post it note, just in case I forget the one channel. Haha. . Well I am here:) after having a major breakdown in Chicago and a runway delay in New York things have improved greatly. No one was sitting next to me on my flight so I got TWO seats! It was the way to travel. I slept mostly the whole way. Right through dinner and two movies. Nino picked me up from the airport and kissed me on each cheek. Left one twice. I felt SO european! When we arrived we sat down for breakfast and they were shocked to discover that I do not on a regular basis drink coffee. Apparently Americans are only pictured with starbucks in their hand. Then we went on a walk/hike. They called it a walk. I call it a hike. It was gorgeous. You could see the entire city from the top and Lake Constance and Germany. On the way back down I slipped in a mud puddle and had a lovely brown butt pattern on my pants. I blame changes in elevation for my clumsiness since I also tripped going down the stairs. When we got back I began to unpack. Trudy was worried I had muddied up my only shoes. Hehe. She was oh so surprised as i began to pulled out ten other pairs from my bags :) Next came lunch. They eat very strange over here. First off they don't have beverages with their meals. Second the ate each thing individually and changed bowls before the next. We had vegatable soup. Then they took away those bowls and I got up. Thinking we were done. Oh no we weren't. We still had this mushroom rice thing. But we had to get a different bowl. Couldn't use the plate that was under the soup bowl. Next Tobias taught me to use all the electronics. #1. The Bathroom. There is no flusher. There are two large square white button on the wall. You push it. There are also no light switches. All white square buttons. #2. The heat in my bedroom. It comes through the floor. yes the FLOOR. And my window, I can lower the blinds by pressing a button. And the blinds aren't on the inside or outside. They are in the middle. . . The kitchen is red and it's beautiful. Red as in a red frig and cabinets. Not wall. All the walls are white. Very modern. The weather here is wonderful. So much better than 100 degrees :p. Oh and did I mention they have a moped??? Yes. And they ride it to work and stuff. A moped. A moped. Okay I am literally about to fall asleep. Stupid jet lag. More to come! <3 love, Savanna:)


  1. savanna, doll! sounds awesome! oh my gosh these blogs are more exciting to read than i thought :P. but really, theyre great! i feel like i can picture everything! are you ready to come home yet? lol. and was i right on the pronounciation... "cotzo's" ? lol. i cant believe youre already there, i mean really! its SO weird!! has reality set in yet? love you! chrissy

  2. I haven't heard anyone say their last name! Haha. Believe it or not people don't have to say their last name ever really. haha.