Sunday, August 29, 2010


For everyone that remembers me as the girl that didn't like to be outside unless it was by the pool, prepare to be amazed. Because I Savanna Alyse Myers spent all day today hiking. For fun.And by choice. Don't believe me? Yeah I wouldn't either. Therefore I have pictures to prove it. So we woke up at the crack of dawn(7o'clock actually) and headed out to start early. Not sure what good starting early did though, it was colder in the afternoon than the morning. For the first hour in rained. I'm thinking of it as my swimming for the day. We climbed up huge mountains! The largest I have ever seen. And I only fell a few times:) Quite the accomplishment to leave the mountains without needing stitches I think. On the way down someone Nino knows was going up and they were talking ya da ya da and then he asked me if I was from Russia???? Do I look Russian???? ApparentlyI sound Russian when i speak German. I thought it was pretty funny. Now, so that you allwill believe that I spent five hours climbing up rocks today, here is the proof :)

leaf in the mountains that makes tea!


  1. So jealous - looks so gorgeous and green. Was this in Germany, Austria or Switzerland? Looks like you guys wore Ciara out - she was the only one I saw sitting down. Good job, Savanna on your first mountain climb!!

  2. I gotta hate "wandern" xD!!! Do you still in St Gallen? I'm learning german too :D

  3. didn't realize this but I decided to go on your adventures with don't be surprised when you catch a brief glimpse of me here and there during your travels....I'm obviously the COW basking in the mountain sun...always with bells on of Love you!
    Gail :0D

  4. looks great hope your having fun and learning alot, know your mom misses you but she will survive - Nancy (Your moms Aunt in Bakersfield)