Thursday, December 2, 2010

Copehagen, Denmark

Let me start off by saying, I AM SO SORRY! I know it's been forever. Things have just been crazy busy! But I am making a vow to never take this long again. Bloggers promise!:) Now moving on, Denmark! Really amazing city! Though their youth has the same classic problem as the rest of Europe. STOP THE GRAFFITI! Now I'll admit, there is lots of graffiti in Switzerland as well. But at least here the graffiti politely. They stay off important things. But not in Copenhagen. They put it on anything and everything. Super rude. Besides from that though the city is gorgeous. So old looking, in a good way, and prestigious. And they have a royal palace and a queen!!! Can't beat that;)! The old harbors and multi-colored houses areas by the sea were my favorite. Which interestingly enough i found out is not a random array of colors. Each person didn't jsut think "Oh, I like orange so let's paint it that color!" Nope, there was a person that made a system for what color each house was allowed to be painted. Copenhagen is also home to The Little Mermaid statue. And luckily enough it arrived back from a six month long stay at the world expo in Hong Kong on the exact day we were there! I saw it get put back in it's rightful place on the rocks in the water. Exciting! And funny story, a Chinese news team came up to us and asked Tobias(my host brother), in English, if he would mind answering a few questions for them. Sooo my SWISS host brother was talking to CHINESE television in ENGLISH pretending to be DANISH. Weird, huh? Overall though I really liked Denmark and I am very grateful that I got a chance to visit there. But, a little advice, if you ever travel there go in the Summer! It was so cold. I wore a tank top, two long sleeve shirts, a coat, a scarf, ear muffs, gloves, two pairs of jeans, and FIVE pairs of knee high socks. And I was freezing the ENTIRE time. And that is why I look like a puffed up marshmallow in all these pictures. It was LOTS of layers NOT swiss chocolate I swear ;)
This is what you do in Copenhagen when it won't stop raining and it's dark. You tour the grocery stores.

TIVOLI! European amusement park but better! And all decked out for Christmas. And I'm a sucker for anything in Christmas lights. 

The lady comes out and rides her bike every hour!

Is everything bigger in America????? Littlest Santa I've ever come across.

Tivoli in daytime! I had to make more than one stop.

Town Hall. We chased pigeons!

Systematic house painting

We took a boat tour!

Opera house! You can go to the Opera in a boat. How cool does that sound?

Copenhagen's "litttle one" being returned! Not everyone gets to say they saw that.

Back in her place

Royal Palace!

This is a church. We climbed all the way to the top! It was a workout let me tell ya. And extremely scary! Steepest stairs EVER!. But. . .

The view was great! And. . .

You could even see the bridge to Sweden!

Queen's guard. And she wasn't even home! Didn't someone tell her I was coming???


Once again something totally high and frightening but once again the view from the top was great!

Inside the Tivoli! Told ya it was the coolest amusement park ever ;)

Soon to come. . .MATTERHORN WEEKEND!



  2. Yeah for a new post!! And double yeah that you made that bloggers promise! I will be looking for another post in about 7-10 days. ;) Looks like TOO much fun, although I do not think I could deal with the cold. Don't think I have to worry about going in the summer though. You lucky duck!! Hope your 17th was grand. Love ya!

  3. Thanks Cindy!:) It was grand! A post will be coming soon with that. bloggers promise :P