Friday, December 31, 2010

Schloss Neuschwanstein aka "Cinderella Castle"

Yesterday I finally got to see the Schloss Neuschwanstein! Sadly it was incredibly foggy, but a castle with fog is better than no castle at all right? Photography isn't allowed inside the castle but I got some shots of the outside! And even the post cards in the gift shop :) So technically if you look at my pictures I was there in summer and fall as well! You aren't allowed to see that much of the castle. Only select rooms on the tour. These are the facts I remember from the tour, the tour was in German so I didn't catch everything. 
1. The castle was built by King Ludwig II. One of four castles he intended to build for himself(he had money problems)
2. The King only lived in the castle 172 days before being declared mad by the Emperor. He was then sent to live in one of his smaller castles (how sad:P) with only his doctor. One day him and the doctor went on a walk and were later found dead in the woods. It is unknown whether it was murder or an accident. 
3. The King's bed took 14 woodworkers TEN years to make. 
4. Every room in the castle is themed after one of the King's favorite Opera's. So there isn't an inch of blank wall in the entire castle. 
5. In every room there is some detail of swans, mainly the door handles. The King loved swans. That is why the castle has the word "Schwan" in it. Schwan is German for Swan. 

Happy New Year!!!:)


  1. So unbelievable. I am incredibly jealous! The pic with the lake is gorgeous. The fog just makes it seem more like a fairy tale.

  2. Hi Savannah. I haven't posted anything on your blog - this is my first time - but I've enjoyed every single post. This one, I think is the very best. Gorgeous photos! Really, really beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  3. The fog just adds an aire of intrique my Savy darling...makes for better stories surrounding your adventures that "could have" taken place at The Swan Castle! Did they or didn't they???? We may always

  4. It's a new year and you are in a new home. Don't you have an update for us?????

    Happy New Year!