Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happenings in der Schweiz

I was in the newspaper! My host mom and I attended a Parliament meeting. I am the tiny little dot of a head in the very left hand corner. It was a two hour meeting over whether or not to give the soccer team 2 million dollars. I'm trying to picture anyone in America taking two hours to consider that! They said no eventually though. But a private investor coughed up the money later in the week no worries!:) Soccer boys won't be going anywhere.
Tobias, my host brother, brought this home from his cooking class. They made American food. Big Macs. I really wish I was kidding but I am not. That is what they consider American food!!! And notice the pole is on the WRONG side. I am making it my duty to correct the misconceptions of the United States pronto.
Today I had a very exchange student moment. In my German class the teacher asked me a question. He only asks me anything when it has to do with Hemmingway I have discovered so I answered "Hemmingway!" That answer was right. Amazingly:P But then he asked me something else. I had no idea what he had said! This teacher also likes to make big arm gestures while he teaches. And his arm was out stretched almost as if to give a hand shake. So I thought "oh a hand shake for finally getting the right answer!" WRONG. Talk about embarrasing! Everyone else thought it was hilarious and laughed about it for the rest of the day, I on the other hand turned a very deep shade of red and have vowed never to shake anyone's hand ever again. By the way, the real question was what is the name of one of Hemmingway's books. Not even close Savanna. . .


  1. Hey what do they expect from an American that lives on Big appropriate answer???

  2. :) You make me smile with your posts! Thanks for updating us girlie!! :)